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Clubs & Organizations

In addition to undergraduate and graduate representation on the Sustainability Council, Caltech supports several student-run clubs and organizations on campus who contribute to a sustainable environment.  These clubs and organizations include:

Caltech Community Garden Project

The Caltech Community Garden Project is working to increase gardening efforts on campus to make more vegetable, flower, and fruit gardens accessible to the Caltech community.  We hope to enrich student life, promote health and provide for the wider community.


Caltech Racing

Caltech Racing was founded in fall 2014 and has big plans for promoting sustainability through their explorations in the design and building of sustainable vehicles. The club’s inaugural project was to transform two defunct go-carts into EVs –one battery powered and the other a fuel cell vehicle. The go-cart project served as a foundational exercise for the club’s long-term goal of participating in the international Formula SAE Electric Collegiate Design Competition. In this competition, student teams design, build and test the performance of a real electric vehicle.


Caltech Y

The Caltech Y is an independent 501c3 organization formally affiliated with the California Institute of Technology. Founded by students in 1916, the Y was organized to provide extracurricular activities planned and implemented by students as an opportunity to learn leadership skills and discover themselves. The mission of today’s Y remains the same—to provide opportunities that will prepare students to become engaged, responsible citizens of the world. The Y seeks to broaden students’ worldviews, raise social, ethical, and cultural awareness through teamwork, community engagement, activism, and leadership.

The Y also sponsors the Social Activism Speaker Series, which seeks to expose Caltech students, as well as the community at large, to the many diverse issues that face us, both locally and globally, so that the scientists of tomorrow may use their skills, ingenuity, and leadership to address these issues.


calTechers for a Sustainable Future (TSF)

calTechers for a Sustainable Future serves to promote campus sustainability in energy, investments, and resources. We also host a sustainability film series, a gardening series, field trips, and workshops/speaker events.


Science and Engineering Policy at Caltech (SEPAC)

Science and Engineering Policy At Caltech (SEPAC) is a student-led club that focuses on the intersection between science and policy.  Our primary goal is to facilitate discussions on science policy issues of interest to the student body at Caltech. We organize student-led discussions on a variety of topics once a month, and bring in Caltech and outside speakers many times a year to speak on science policy issues. We also periodically coordinate workshops on science communication, and take science policy-related trips to Washington, D.C. and Sacremento, CA.


If you are in a club that should be on this list, please send us a line at!